Xmas Raffle 2023 in aid of Mick Barry’s election fund

Thank you for purchasing a Xmas raffle ticket in aid of Mick Barry’s election fund. Please click on the Paypal link below to purchase a ticket. Click here to buy a ticket.

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Xmas Raffle 2023 in aid of Ruth Coppinger Election Fund

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Lisbon Guarantees Change Nothing

Less than two weeks after the Euro Election campaign a Euro related charade is about to be visited on the Irish people. We are now being told that the FiannaFail/Green Party Coalition Government will present us with the Lisbon Treaty for a vote in late September or early October as soon as the EU Heads of State agree ‘legal guarantees’ apparently clarifying what the Treaty really means.

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Why I joined

As far as I can remember it was always within me to question my reality. I wouldn’t go ‘with it’ if I found ‘it’ to be wrong or unjust. When I was a teen I would channel that attitude towards anti-social behaviour and sometimes towards the law, something I may have picked up from my Dad who often organised protests against abusive Gardai in Ballyfermot. But in my teens it was more just for self-fulfilment.