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In a society dominated by capitalist ideology, mainstream media, education system and other state institutions, our socialist publications are all the more important.

Our bread & butter publications are our newspaper, The Socialist, which provides regular commentary and insight on the latest issues and struggles, and our journal, Socialist Alternative, featuring in-depth socialist analysis, working-class history and Marxist theory. We are internationalists, so developments from around the world are central to our analysis.

We also publish pamphlets and books on topics ranging from the abortion rights struggle, James Connolly’s Socialism Made Easy, the housing crisis, the 1913 lockout, the Limerick Soviet, and now Peter Hadden’s seminal text, Divide & Rule, with a brand new introduction for 2020.

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Socialist writing in a new period of workers struggle!

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought home to millions of people globally that the current system is incapable of dealing with crisis, and can’t even meet our everyday needs. We need radical change in how society is organised, who owns the wealth and resources, and in whose interests they are used.

The crisis has demonstrated who is essential for the functioning of society – workers, who are typically underpaid and undervalued, and whose lives are sacrificed by the ruling elites to protect their own profits and power. The impatience of bosses for ‘business as usual’ to resume and the desire of capitalist governments, including in Ireland, to make working class people foot the bill for the crisis is clear! Workers need to be prepared to stand up and fight in the coming period!

The Socialist Party, through its members and public representatives, are playing an active role in organising and supporting struggle throughout the Covid-19 crisis, including promoting and reporting on action by workers over health and safety and assisting the Debenhams opposition to mass closures and lay offs.

We’ve provided sharp socialist commentary and analysis of the twists and turns of the unfolding crises on our website and social media, and our young members led the way in the campaign for the cancellation of the Leaving Cert, at one stage organising an online rally with 2,500 participants, and taking part in solidarity protests supporting the US uprisings against racist murders by the police and systemic racism.  

Support the struggle for socialism!

The public health restrictions have forced us to change our normal campaigning and fundraising methods, but we have not let it stop us doing what is necessary to stand up for the interests of the working class. These restrictions are likely to remain for months to come, and we are calling on our supporters for help.

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