Socialist Alternative #18

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25 years on: Has the Good Friday Agreement delivered?
By Ann Orr & Paudie McKee

Sinn Féin, PBP & the question of a left government in Ireland
By Eddie McCabe

“A Pillar of Strength”
Anti-oppression struggles & the revolutionary process
By Laura Fitzgerald

What does ChatGPT mean for workers?
By Tony Gong

The groundbreaking struggle for free healthcare for all
75 years since the founding of the NHS
By Eva Martin

Germany 1923: Lessons of the lost revolution
By Robert Cosgrave


My Fourth Time, We Drowned by Sally Hayden
Reviewed By Michael O’Brien ­

The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté, with Daniel Maté
Reviewed By Róise McCann
Close To Home by Michael Magee
Reviewed By Niall Dooris

The Patriarchs: The Origins of Inequality by Angela Saini
Reviewed By Martina Stafford

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