Socialist Alternative #17

Capitalist crisis deepens. Fascist threat rises

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One Year of War in Ukraine
By Tom Crean

Capitalist Crisis Deepens, Fascist Threat Rises
By Kevin McLoughlin

Extended Review
Marx in the Anthropocene by Kohei Saito
By Chris Stewart

The Good Friday Agreement 25 Years On
Article By Peter Hadden republished

Big Tech in Turmoil
Keishia Taylor & Eddie McCabe

The General Strike Today
By Sean Burns

The Toxic Ideology of the Manosphere
By Harper Cleves


Marx’s Literary Style by Ludovico Silva
Reviewed By Jonathan Diebold

The Book of Desire by Meena Kandasamy
Reviewed By Isidora Duran Stewart

Rotten Prod by Emmet O’Connor
Reviewed By Amy Ferguson

It’s Okay To Be Angry About Capitalism by Bernie Sanders
Reviewed By David Vallely

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