The Socialist #160, April/May 2024

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Protest and Strike Against Israeli War Machine—Stop the Genocide

Also in this issue of The Socialist:

  • Don’t compete for crumbs – fight together for the whole bakery!
  • Local & Euro elections: Reject the establishment & division – vote socialist
  • Ableist, Tory-style Green Paper on disability “reform” scrapped
  • Dirty,discoloured water in Cork – the price of creeping privatisation
  • Urgent action programme to end the housing crisis
  • Government in decline desperately shifts to the right, Sinn Féin follows
  • In the Dáil and on the streets – How can we defeat hate crime?
  • DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson arrested: Global spotlight remains on #MeToo
  • Britain: Tories in freefall but Starmer is no alternative
  • Capitalism and the Care Crisis
  • Class War in Britain—40 years since the Miners Strike
  • Genocide in Gaza and the need for socialist change
  • Automated genocide in Gaza
  • Review of “Israelism”
  • Socialism 101: What causes capitalist crises

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