The Socialist #152, March 2023

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We won’t be divided! Homes for all, not racism!

Also in this issue of The Socialist:

  • After 18 Feb demo: Where now for the fight against the far right
  • Government’s dog whistle racism
  • Far right promote violence and hate women
  • Pogroms & massacres: Israeli State ratchets up the oppression of Palestinians
  • Omagh attack: No going back!
  • Special feature: International Women’s Day 2023
  • Chinese “spy balloon” over US: Rhetorical hot air reflects new cold war conflict
  • Unite’s Murphy 4 fight union busting
  • Socialism 101: Are there any socialist countries? Have there ever been?
  • Review: Women Talking directed by Sarah Polley
  • Ireland’s for-profit forestry is a scandal

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