The Socialist #156, September 2023

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Housing Emergency Needs Action – Ban Evictions – Build Public Homes

Also in this issue of The Socialist:

  • Global Wealth Report – Unintentionally exposing a rotten system
  • Why you should protest Posie Parker & ‘Let Women Speak’ in Dublin
  • Eviction notices skyrocket – homelessness crisis deepens
  • Dublin City Centre: Invest in need not repression
  • Irish troops to train Ukrainian army – a further erosion of military neutrality
  • Defend libraries from far-right thuggery and intimidation
  • Strike wave in North: How we can win real pay rises
  • Europe’s Racist Refugee Policy – Mass death on the Mediterranean
  • The revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx & the struggle for socialism today
  • A Europe-wide workers’ rights scandal: Slave-like working conditions on Irish shores
  • Socialism 101: Why capitalism is bad for our mental health
  • Review: Not On Our Watch written by Louise Mathews
  • Imperialism’s devastating role in West Africa: Oppose war and capitalism!
  • #ContigoJenni: Give sexism the red card
  • RTE scandal: The murky world of slush funds and barter accounts

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