The Socialist #158, Jan / Feb 2024

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End the Gaza Genocide!

Also in this issue of The Socialist:

  • A burning planet & a catastrophic system
  • Referendums 2024: Demand a wording that actually supports care
  • Migrant health worker pay victory – fight for full family status goes on
  • Library workers organise against far-right abuse
  • A menacing threat in society – Emboldened far-right steps up attacks on refugees and immigrants
  • Sinn Féin moves further right on immigration and state repression
  • North: Will Stormont be restored?
  • Gaza needs solidarity & action! Stop this genocide!
  • Repression and Resistance in the Occupied West Bank
  • South African govt charges Israeli regime with genocide
  • Israeli State’s reckless brutality threatens wider regional conflict
  • Solidarity with garment workers in Bangladesh!
  • Showing how to get results – Unite’s mechanical workers win big pay rise
  • Socialism 101: What kind of organisation do we need? (Part 2)
  • Review: How to Have Sex directed by Molly Manning Walker
  • Obituary: John Pilger (1939-2023) – A fearless fighter for truth & justice

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