United Left Alliance TDs call for release of Teresa Treacy

Will attend protest organised by supporters at ESB HQ in Stephen’s Green today at 12pm noon

Will attend protest organised by supporters at ESB HQ in Stephen’s Green today at 12pm noon

Responding to the sentence being served by Teresa Treacy for breach of an injunction taken out by the ESB the United Left Alliance TDs said the following:

It is a scandal that a 65 year old woman who has worked all her life can be jailed at the behest of a semi state company who want to erect a power line across her property.

The double standard whereby time and again whether it is the bin tax campaign or Shell to Sea to Teresa’s situation we see that ordinary people standing up for themselves can find themselves landed in jail in a matter of days whereas the crooked bankers and speculators roam free.

We call on ESB to apply to the court to have Teresa released and for a workable solution be found to reroute the power line.

In the meantime we support the protest being organised today by Teresa’s campaign.

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