Israel / Palestine: Donate to build a movement on the ground against the war on Gaza with an amplified socialist voice

All donations will directly help to build a strong movement of working and oppressed people against the far-right Netanyahu regime. Specifically to promote mobilization and organizations of much needed pickets, demonstrations and marches among both national communities.

Stop the carnage and slaughter in Gaza! End the siege, occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people, oppose any form of reactionary terrorism & state terror, build a mass struggle for a real way out.

For mass protests to stop the bombings and the looming ground invasion on Gaza. For mass demonstrations and labor strike actions in the Middle East and around the world, as well as on both sides of the green line. Halt the repression against the protesters.  

Solidarity with workers, the oppressed and the poor on both sides of the fence, amid the horrors of war and the acts of massacre.

International Socialist Alternative (ISA) is heavily involved in the protest around the globe against the on-going massacre in Gaza. As part of this struggle we launch a financial appeal of €2,500 to support the Socialist Struggle Movement (SSM), ISA’s section in Israel-Palestine. They are campaigning on the ground against the slaughtering and bloodshed in Gaza and against the occupation and siege that led to these carnages.

All donations will directly help to build a strong movement of working and oppressed people against the far-right Netanyahu regime. Specifically to promote mobilization and organizations of much needed pickets, demonstrations and marches among both national communities. 

Donate here to SSM’s Struggle Fund to build an anti-war movement on the ground

You can also make a bank transfer to: 

Workers Solidarity Fund

KBC Bank

IBAN: BE69 7340 2793 3278


*Add the transaction reference: “SSM’s Struggle Fund”

The brutal bombing, backed by western imperialism, and the siege and blockade of any humanitarian aid to reach the people in Gaza are causing countless deaths and unspeakable suffering. Already more people have been killed in besieged Gaza than in any of the previous wars of the last 15 years, with catastrophic horrors still unfolding. In Israel, more people were killed in the horrific massacre as part of the Hamas attack than on any previous day of conflict.

The looming ground invasion of Gaza would bring more slaughtering and bloodshed and would mean the beginning of even greater instability that can lead to a wider war in the region with heavy imperialist involvement. 

ISA and ROSA International stand in solidarity with the working and impoverished communities and the families of the victims on both sides of the fence who are suffering grief and horror right now. We oppose an expansion of the war, further escalation and collective punishment through a ground offensive and blockade and we call for an immediate ceasefire deal, including exchange of prisoners. 

We reject Hamas’ brutal attack on workers, the poor and the oppressed, as well as the brutal reality of the occupation and the collective punishment of the Palestinian people through the slaughter in Gaza and murders by rightwing settlers and the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank. 

This crisis is rooted in the brutal national oppression of the Palestinians by the capitalist Israeli state — the most powerful military force of the region — which enforces occupation and oppression and denies millions of Palestinians basic rights and above all the right to self-determination. The crisis is also fueled by increasing imperialist tensions globally and cannot be resolved without tackling its foundations. 

We need your financial support to promote protest and struggle now to give the necessary direction to stop the carnage and tackle the problems that led to the war.

The recent wave of protests throughout the globe show the potential for much needed mass struggle in the region and internationally to halt the deterioration and end the siege, occupation and poverty, to put an end to the endless cycles of conflict, on the basis of guaranteed equal rights to existence, self-determination, dignity and well-being. This is a socialist struggle to abolish capitalism and imperialism. 

Capitalism is a system based on oppression and imperialism that causes war and suffering for the vast majority of the human population, now with the horrific events unfolding in Gaza and Israel-Palestine, as also with the war in Ukraine, Yemen and elsewhere. The system is embroiled in a deep crisis, offering absolutely no way forward for the working class and oppressed people. 

Can you make a donation today to SSM’s Struggle Fund to build a movement on the groundagainst the carnage in Gaza and for a socialist change in the region?

All donations are vital, whether you can afford to give €500 or 50 cents. The success of our movement is dependent upon every one of our supporters and members giving whatever they can to help build the struggle against war, oppression and for world socialism. 

Read here our full analysis of the developments and program for socialist change. 


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