Help us fight the attacks by the media and establishment

The Socialist Party is coming under attack from all the major media outlets, particularly the billionaire owned Independent Newspapers, and the main parties of the wealthy elite in this country. These different sections of the capitalist establishment have a lot of financial resources behind them in waging these attacks.

In this context we are asking our supporters to fund our work to answer these lies and distortions and to get our real socialist message across. We don’t apologise for standing up for the rights of working class people and are committed to fight for a society free from the rule of the super-rich, big business and bankers.

The Socialist Party doesn’t take a cent from big business or property developers, we rely on the financial support of workers, the unemployed, young people and pensioners. Please donate today and help us build what James Connolly called “the great anti-theft movement”, that being the movement for democratic socialist change.

* You must be an Irish citizen or resident in Ireland to donate. Maximum donation is €1000.
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