Public Meeting: Greek activist and socialist speaks

“Class warfare is going on and my class isn’t just winning. I mean we’re killing them” – World’s third richest man, Warren Buffet, October 2011

“Class warfare is going on and my class isn’t just winning. I mean we’re killing them”

– World’s third richest man, Warren Buffet, October 2011

  • Eurozone crisis means austerity for workers, young people and the unemployed, while private financial institutions get bailed out to the tune of billions.
  • The total cost of the bailout of Anglo-Irish bank will be €65 billion. Anglo bondholders have assets worth over €20   trillion, more than 200 times the size of the Irish economy.
  • Today Europe’s super-rich have a combined wealth of €8 trillion, this is more than twice the size of Germany – Europe’s largest economy.
  • In Ireland the richest 300 people alone have a combined wealth of €57 billion, while big business made €30 billion worth of un-invested profits last year.
  • In Greece soaring unemployment, tax increases and other austerity measures have resulted in a sharp rise in homelessness, drug addiction and suicide.
  • This coming Friday the Socialist Party has organised a public meeting with Andros Payiatsos a Greek socialist and activist.
  • Andros will give a flavour of the growing upheavals in Greece and the lessons that these momentous events have for  ordinary people in Ireland.

Come to the public meeting

Friday, 2 December, 7.30pm, Teachers Club, Parnell Sq, Dublin
Saturday, 3 December 3.30pm, Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain St, Cork


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