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Paul Murphy to Replace Joe Higgins as Socialist Party MEP for Dublin

At a press conferecne today it was announced that long-time Socialist Party activist and organiser, Paul Murphy (27), will be replacing Joe Higgins as the Socialist Party MEP for Dublin, following Joe's succesful election to the Dail along with Clare Daly. Here we repost Paul Murphy's post on his blog, about the challenges, opportunities and tasks he faces.

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Queen Elizabeth and Barrack Obama: No welcome for war leaders

The Socialist Party is opposed to the visits to Ireland by Queen Elizabeth and Barrack Obama. €25 million will be spent wining, dining and protecting the Queen and Obama in a vain attempt to try to rebuild Ireland’s damaged reputation. The reputation of the Irish state was of course destroyed by the actions of the Irish capitalist class whose greed, corruption and unquestioning faith in the market has bankrupted the country.

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Catholic Church child abuse – Prosecute the guilty!

After months of a delay the Murphy Commission Enquiry into Child Abuse in the Dublin Archdiocese has at last been published. Detailed in it is yet more details of the abuse of vulnerable children by priests in Dublin from the 1950s to the 1990s and the active cover up of this abuse by a succession of Archbishops.