Joe Higgins MEP supports taxi protest

Taxi Regulator must put a halt to issuing new taxi licenses and implement an independent review of the Taxi industry.

Taxi Regulator must put a halt to issuing new taxi licenses and implement an independent review of the Taxi industry.

Minister Dempsey should immediately meet with the Irish Taxi Council
“It is absolutely despicable that once again, taxi drivers have been forced to take action to highlight the plight that workers in the industry face. I support the actions of the taxi drivers in occupying the Regulator’s office and those 400 taxi drivers who have withdrawn their service in solidarity.

“As a result of deregulation, we have an incredible situation where the number of licenses is increasing while the number of passengers is declining. The circumstances in which drivers are forced to work more and more hours, often more than is safe, just to provide a minimum income for themselves and their family, cannot go on. A wholesale review of the industry involving the taxi drivers themselves and taxi users is absolutely necessary to implement a plan where drivers receive a reasonable wage for working reasonable hours. The aim of this review should be to have a taxi service that is sufficient to meet the needs of society while guaranteeing a living wage to taxi drivers for a working week of reasonable duration.

“It is imperative that a moratorium on the issuing of new licenses is called immediately and that Minister Dempsey meets with the Irish Taxi Council.”


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