Responding to Eamon Gilmore on Lisbon

Eamon Gilmore has claimed that left wing opponents of the Lisbon treaty are ‘oportunistic’ and ‘putting the economy and jobs at risk’. It seems he lives in an upside down world.
Eamon Gilmore has claimed that left wing opponents of the Lisbon treaty are ‘oportunistic’ and ‘putting the economy and jobs at risk’. It seems he lives in an upside down world.
Instead of putting blame for the economic catastrophe where it firmly lies, with the government, bankers and big builders he joins the establishment chorus in saying that people like myself in the Socialist Party and others who are arguing for an alternative to the neo-liberal disaster pose a threat to this already failing economic system.
The Lisbon treaty is a relic of neo-liberal capitalism, the economic crash rather than being an argument in favour of passing the treaty second time round is an argument for it to be rejected not just in Ireland but across Europe
The latest opinion poll which shows a strong howing for the ‘No’ side in the face of media bias and huge money being spent on the ‘Yes’ side for their scare tactics should give deputy Gilmore some pause for thought as it also demonstrates that like the previous Lisbon poll he is out of touch with a sizable portion of his own Labour Party support base who are intent on rejecting this treaty.
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