Solidarity with Nancy Fraser – shame on genocide-enablers in University of Cologne

We are sharing and supporting this statement written by ROSA – Socialist Feminist Movement about University of Cologne’s ludicrous and outrageous decision to pull a Professorship from a voice opposing genocide. Find the original statement from ROSA here.

The renowned, prolific, left feminist academic, Nancy Fraser has had her planned professorship cancelled by the University of Cologne. Why? Because she has used her voice to oppose the genocide in Gaza. How absolutely depraved! Shame on the University of Cologne’s administration. 

Nancy Fraser throughout her decades-long career has been a forthright and incisive critic of patriarchal and racial capitalism, neoliberalism and imperialism. Nancy Fraser has also criticised “how feminism became capitalism’s handmaiden” – sparing no sympathy for anyone who hides behind “feminist” arguments to perpetuate a capitalist system founded upon oppression and exploitation. The pathetic and hollow and Orwellian argument that it’s anti-Semitic to oppose a genocide – and Fraser is of Jewish descent by the way – is chilling and is reminiscent of those using “feminist” arguments to support imperialist violence. Just stop! 

It’s only a socialist feminist approach actually taking on all oppression, providing a socialist alternative to capitalism and the far-right poison growing out of it, that can really take on anti-Semitism where it is rooted.  

All of those involved in this decision in the University of Cologne administration are green-lighting a genocide. The over 33,000 Palestinian lives stolen don’t matter to you. The 14,000 Palestinian children’s lives don’t matter to you. Hang your heads in shame and listen to the inspirational and moving call from the Jewish Voice for Peace: “Never Again for Anyone – Never Again is Now”.

Finally, the German Government itself is guilty of genocide. In 2023, 30% of the Israeli State’s military equipment was purchased from Germany, totalling at €300 million. To turn around and place blame on those who are opposing this is systemic gaslighting. 

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