Building a socialist feminist force in Mexico

Report from Isi from ROSA’s Dublin branch of Mexico’s ROSA Conference that took place on 16 Feb 2024:

“I felt so lucky to virtually attend ROSA Mexico’s first ever socialist feminist conference, held in Puebla. The event was replete with spirited discussions on how to necessarily advance the movement for a working class, LGBT+ feminism in Mexico. Every contribution by Mexican ROSA activists and supporters alike, but also from Chile, Argentina, Brazil and more highlighted the need for international solidarity in our fight against the depraved capitalist system. 

Mexico has the second highest rate of femicides in Latin America. The pañuelo verde movement forced the historic decriminalisation of abortion last year, but it’s still inaccessible in a number of states. 

Transphobic and bio-essentialist fake feminists are more organised in Mexico than in Ireland and require an even more concerted fight back. 

Speakers highlighted how patriarchal capitalism is now maliciously enlisting far-right ideas to protect itself from the feminist wave of the past decade. This is a global feature of a system in decay, one that requires a global movement of principled socialist feminist fighters of every country and background. 

After hearing ROSA activists from different counties share their plans for this International Women’s Day, including marches and protests demanding an end to the genocide in Gaza, housing and healthcare for all, as well as the urgent campaign for abortion rights in Brazil and Ni Una Menos the world over, I left Mexico’s first ROSA conference with a crystal clear certainty of the burgeoning potential of socialist feminism as a movement that poses a genuine threat to the capitalist system in its unwavering solidarity with every single one of the oppressed and exploited on this Earth.”

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