Mick Barry TD’s speech at #IrelandForAll demonstration

“Solidarity with all minorities facing harassment or attack because of the far right  — people of colour, migrant workers and the LGBT community. 

Refugees and migrants are not to blame for the housing crisis — that’s landlords and vulture funds. 

Don’t blame people who’ve literally  just arrived for a crisis the government let fester for a decade.

And don’t be swayed by emotive lies about migrants and violence against women. Who do you trust —  organisations that campaign on gender violence or macho men who promote violence and sexism?

Figures yesterday showed 83% of sex offenders last year were known to the victim. So far right lies miseducate and actually endanger women. 

I appeal to people living in some of the most neglected  communities who may be angry and caught up on these protests — don’t look at poor people fleeing war or strife.

Look at a system that has embedded inequality for decades. 

Look at how two people in Ireland now own more  wealth than half the population.

Look at a cash-Rich government and councils with abundant land refusing to build council housing — something our parents would have had. 

It’s time to put capitalism in the dock, a system delivering nothing for ordinary people but permanent crisis in the cost of living, housing, health and our environment. 

Fascist ideas have always been dormant cancer — but the crises in the system is allowing the tumour grow.

And the response of those in power to the far right is to double down and  move closer to the far right!

Leo Varadkar  & a string of  TDs repeat their talking points.

They devised Direct provision  & state racism. 

Their Economic policies sow division. 

We have to look instead to working people, trade unions,  communities to mobilise and push back the far right.

Malcolm X said you can’t have capitalism without racism. You can’t have capitalism without misogyny, homophobia and transphobia.

Let’s unite and fight for socialism to end poverty, war and racism.”

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