Christmas Raffle 2023

Draw to take place on 9pm, Saturday, 16 December, at 141 Thomas St, Dublin 8, and live on Facebook: SocialistPartyIreland. Please fill out the form below, so that we can record your sale, and press the PayPal button to process your payment.

The Socialist Party, along with our public reps with Mick Barry TD and Ruth Coppinger, has been actively organising to mobilise against the far-right, the ongoing housing crisis and the Israeli State’s genocidal war on Gaza.

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The suffering people of Syria stand on the brink of a precipice. Each day brings new evidence that a sectarian conflagration of terrible proportions can ensue, unless a force emerges which could hold out a realistic prospect of uniting its 22 million people through offering a new dispensation. This would be one where the wealth and stewardship of the nation would be democratically invested in them rather than be the subject of warring factions led by local elites and sponsored by cynical international interests.