Trans Pride 2022: How can we win liberation & bodily autonomy?

Trans and Intersex Pride this year is happening in the context of an escalation of transphobia globally, including in Ireland.  Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need for us all to stand up against this vile hate and division. That is why the Socialist Party will be at Trans Pride this year, in solidarity with the trans community and demanding;  

Free, accessible, GP-led trans healthcare, based on informed consent 

Ireland’s trans healthcare is appalling. Young trans people under the age of 17 have no public healthcare option, while for those over 17 there is a single clinic, Loughlinstown, which means many trans people have to travel long distances to even access the service. Waiting lists for Loughlinstown can be up to 10 years. Loughlinstown uses outdated methods of assessment, with horrendous and intrusive questions being asked, many of the questions being highly sexualised. These lines of questioning are not at all based on science, only stereotypes, and are highly demeaning and traumatising for those who have to go through the service. There is also no recognition of non-binary people, blatantly highlighting their limited and backward ideas about gender. We urgently need trans healthcare that is free and accessible for all trans people nationally. A GP-led service would mean that instead of a single clinic, trans people would be able to access vital healthcare from their own local GP.  

The immediate banning of Intersex Genital Mutilation 

Due to the strict ideas around sex and gender that the system upholds through gender stereotypes and roles, Intersex people are usually forced by society into one of two strict boxes-male or female. Even though Intersex people make up about 1.7% of the population, many people do not understand what being Intersex means, or that it is not something that needs to be ‘fixed’ for the individual to be healthy. Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM) still happens in public Irish hospitals on children today. This horrific practice taking place is an attack on bodily autonomy. It is essential that IGM is banned immediately! 

Compulsory LGBTQ+ inclusive secular sex education. Complete separation of Church and State! 

Currently, over 90% of primary schools in Ireland are under Catholic patronage. While the church has an influence on what sex education is taught, we will never have a sex education curriculum that is fully inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community, or indeed women and all other oppressed groups. Complete separation of Church and State is needed if backward homophobic, sexist, and transphobic ideas are ever to be completely rid of in our institutions, from schools to maternity hospitals. 

End the culture of homophobia and transphobia! Fight for a world where the rights of people are prioritised over profit. 

As Joe Duffy’s vile transphobic ‘discussions’ show, ignorant and backward ideas about trans people are still rampant. However, these ideas are not innate to people. They are peddled by the media, establishment politicians, and the ruling class, in general, to divide working-class people and uphold gender roles which they profit from. Oxfam’s research showed that the system saves 10.8 trillion dollars a year from women and girls’ unpaid work. Why would a system driven by profit ever try to fight the very ideas that feed it exactly what it needs? The only answer to achieving a world free from homophobia, transphobia and all other forms of oppression is an anti-capitalist and socialist one! It means building a multi-gendered, multiracial working-class movement that fights for a society where its wealth is publicly owned, democratically controlled, and where each human being can live in freedom and equality.

  • Dublin- 16th July, 2pm, Garden of Remembrance 
  • Cork – 9th July 2pm, outside Cork City Library, Grand Parade. 
  • Belfast-20th August, Writers’ Square 

Join us in fighting for these demands at Trans and Intersex Pride 2022! 

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