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The devastating Covid19 pandemic crisis is laying bare the brutality of the capitalist system. While workers in health, food distribution and supply, transport and sanitation risk their lives on the frontline without adequate PPE, we hear reports of billionaires ‘self-isolating’ on luxury yachts, as well as profiteering and speculation taking place on ventilators.

Since the Covid-19 crisis hit, Socialist Party activists have assisted in establishing an online “Workers’ Speak Out” as a space for workers to tell their stories and a tool to organise for their health, lives and livelihood. Our activists have successfully aided workers engage in walkouts in workplaces to demand PPE and social distancing measures. We are utilising every avenue open to us to push a working-class and socialist perspective and analysis of the confounding unfolding events. 

From the nurses in New York City organising socially distanced demonstrations to demand access to PPE; to the women in Argentina standing with handwritten signs in their front windows against the soaring rate of femicide since the lockdown began; to the Italian factory workers walking off the job to enforce a shutdown for worker and public health — stories of struggle need to be told, resistance needs to be organised, and the system putting profit first needs to be exposed. 

The crisis has forced the political establishment to take actions that undermine their neo-liberal orthodoxy; from a rent freeze, to a ban on evictions, to private hospital beds and facilities being taken (temporarily) into the public system. Varadkar and Co. are already warning us that there will be a huge bill to pay as a result of this crisis. But who pays the bill? Workers cannot and will not accept another crisis not of our making that we’re expected to pay for through austerity! 

Building such a struggle to defend our health, livelihoods and rights, and linking it to an international movement against the crisis-ridden and grotesquely unjust capitalist system, for socialist change, is urgent. To paraphrase Greta Thunberg — we can’t go back to ‘normal’, when the normal was climate chaos, housing crises and wealth inequality. 

In order to build a working-class and socialist political challenge, we require the financial support and commitment of our members and supporters. The absence of face-to-face meetings and on-street and door-to-door campaigning has hindered our fundraising work. 

With this being the case we are asking our supporters for a bit of extra help. Please consider making a one-off donation of €100, €50 or €20.

But even more importantly, we need regular, monthly donations of €20, €10 or even €5. 

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