AAA launch YES posters

Paul Murphy TD said

“The Anti-Austerity Alliance are campaigning for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum. The current norm of discriminating against same sex couples must end. LGBTQ people have had to fight for their rights for decades, from getting male homosexuality de-criminalised to holding this referendum. We appeal to anti-water charges activists to campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote to marriage equality alongside building the boycott of water charges in their communities. A ‘Yes’ vote in this referendum would be a blow against the Right-wing, conservative establishment who have dominated this country for decades.”

Cllr. Michael O’Brien, Dublin City Council said

“The type of campaign we are up against are willing to erect anti-gay rights posters around Fairview Park, the site of a well-known homophobic murder in 1982. Their posters are causing great upset and offense to LGBTQ people and must be challenged. We have put up ‘Yes’ posters as a challenge to this overt homophobia and the idea that discrimination should be maintained for the comfort of the conservative Right. Homophobic and transphobic bullying and violence is unfortunately not yet a thing of the past, this referendum passing will help to send the message that it must end.”

Ruth Coppinger TD said

“The arguments from the No side are offensive to LGBTQ people and single parents. The needs of children are to have love and support in their lives and enough resources to live. The battle to protect children’s interests is really a battle against austerity. The sexist view that a “Mother and a Father” are necessary to bring up a happy and healthy child is not backed up by any evidence.

“Anyone with a genuine concern for children should join that battle against the cuts. They should also consider the impact a ‘No’ vote would have on young LGBTQ people. The conservative Catholic ideology that has interfered in people’s personal lives and Irish laws for generations has done untold damage and we can challenge it in this referendum.”

Cllr. Mick Barry, Cork City Council said

“This referendum is not an opportunity to hurt the government who have only agreed to hold the vote after years of struggle from below, it is an opportunity to send a message of solidarity and support to the LGBTQ community and make an important difference in the lives of same sex couples. We will be campaigning around the country and urge people who want to ensure this referendum passes to get active.

“Beyond the 22nd of May the struggle must continue against the religious exemption from equality legislation, the gay male blood donation ban and all forms of transphobia and homophobia in society.”

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