Advance Pitstop Seeks to Save at Least €377,000 in Unpaid Wages Through JobBridge

Advance Pitstop have today advertised on JobBridge for 28 interns to work as ‘sales fitters’ in their branches across the country. These are 28 jobs which could be filled by any one of the hundreds of thousands of people on the dole queue as the only requirement is for a driving licence.

Even at minimum wage rates, the company will save over €377,000 in unpaid wages over a 9 month period through these 28 interns. This is an example of the staggering profits which companies can make through exploiting this scheme. It also puts immense pressure on small businesses who are trying to compete with them.

When I launched the campaign, Advance Pitstop were the first company we highlighted because they were engaged in a similar recruitment tactic. They should now detail how many interns they have used and how many they have hired through the scheme.

I and the camaign are organising a protest at the Advance Pitstop on Russell Street this Saturday at 1pm, please join us.

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