Young people in Ireland, like cattle, are being brought up for export

  Today sees the publication of a report by the UCC Émigré project which graphically shows the devastation caused by emigration.  


Today sees the publication of a report by the UCC Émigré project which graphically shows the devastation caused by emigration.



The study shows that nine in ten of 25 to 29 year olds have had someone in their circle of friends emigrate,  17% of households have seen at least one immediate family member leave while 15.9% expect one of their i  immediate family members to emigrate in the next 3 years. Emigration is causing devastation to families and  communities, especially in rural areas. Young people in Ireland, like cattle in years gone by, are being brought  up for export.

Ireland’s level of emigration are the highest in Europe, with the rate of people leaving the country being at  famine levels and increasing. We now have one person leaving the country every six minutes.

The finding that half of those who emigrated left jobs will undoubtedly be used by the government to claim that  emigration is some kind of lifestyle choice. This is quite simply not the case for the vast majority. Those claiming  that it is a lifestyle choice only show how far removed they are from the realities of austerity Ireland.

The fact that young people are leaving jobs indicate that due to the systematic and widespread  attack on  workers’ pay and conditions that we have seen over the last 5 years, that there has been a huge rise in low paid, unrewarding precarious work, this is documented in the report. This ‘race to the bottom’ is actively supported by the government through free labour schemes such as Jobsbridge which it is disgracefully expanding from 9 months to 18 months. The only people that gain from this scheme are ruthless employers who use the scheme to replace decent jobs with free labour.

Emigration at famine levels. Time to fightback, join the protest on Saturday 5 October.

The government in the upcoming budget will implement more austerity policies which will make the situation worse and push more people into poverty and out of the country. The political establishment have shown that they can find the resources to bail out the banks but do nothing to bailout a generation – this must end.

It is high time that the trade union leaders break with their support for austerity and fought for decent jobs and training for all so young people can have a decent future.

The ’1913 Unfinished Business’, Scambridge and the Young Workers’ Network and the youth sections of ICTU, Unite and the CWU have taken the initiative to have a protest against the expansion of Jobsbridge to 18 months. It will take place on Saturday 5 October at 3pm, FÁS offices D’Olier Street, Dublin 2. All those that wish to fight back against free labour jobs schemes, precarious work and forced emigration should come along.

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