Socialist Party condemns destruction of Occupy Dame Street camp

Gardai raid and dismantle camp in the middle of the night Raid an attempt to silence dissent before St Patrick’s Day

Gardai raid and dismantle camp in the middle of the night

Raid an attempt to silence dissent before St Patrick’s Day

Socialist Party and United Left Alliance MEP, Paul Murphy, has condemned the removal of the Occupy Dame Street protesters and the destruction of the camp in an overnight Garda operation.

I condemn in the strongest possible terms the Garda raid on the camp in the middle of the night. The protesters were forcibly removed by the Gardai, while the camp was destroyed along with the personal belongings of the protesters.

The camp was part of a worldwide movement of mainly young people to show their dissatisfaction with the financial crisis, and more importantly an attempt to draw the widest amount of people into a discussion on the type of society we want to live in.

The raid has obviously been demanded by government so that such a spectacle of dissent is not shown to the world during Saint Patrick’s Day. I salute the efforts of the Occupiers, and call on the public to support their protest at 6PM this evening.

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