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Mass campaign of non-payment and non-registration stepped up against new draconian Household Tax

Mass campaign of non-payment and non-registration stepped up against new draconian Household Tax

Cllr Ciaran Perry (Ind)  gave background :

The CAHWT was set up over the last 12 months in preparation for a new burden of household, property and water taxes being enforced on householders. The Campaign is based on mass non-payment as the keyway to defeat these taxes. Already major meetings have been held around the country before this tax is even introduced, with attendances of sometimes even 100s at meetings in Donegal, Sligo, Limerick, Cork, Wexford, Kilkenny, Laois, Dublin and other areas. We pledge to build a powerful campaign with meetings in the new year to establish groups around the country.

Eoghan Ryan, activist (Workers Solidarity Movement), said:

This is and will progress into one of the most unjust taxes in this country’s history. It is a hugely regressive tax inflicted on 1.6 million households. There are thousands of families in real hardship already after three years of austerity. The low level of waivers shows the real nature of this tax, with pensioners, social welfare recipients and those in negative equity all included. Far from being about just €2 a week as the Minister refrains, this is the first step in implementing a property and water tax which would be a real  burden on home-owners. The ESRI has called for over one billion euro to be raised from this tax and suggested sums of 1,300 per household. This must be fought by the entire community.

Cllr Brid Smith (People Before Profit/United Left Allliance):

We are continually told that this tax is to provide for local services. Nothing could be further from the truth. The revenue from this replaces the Local Government Fund  provided  to Councils. Local services have been savaged by cutbacks and councils will continue to struggle to provide services. This unjust tax is for the ongoing  bailout of private banks and speculative debts. It has been agreed with the troika and is another in a long line of austerity measures. However, this is one that ordinary people can actually challenge, as – unlike the Universal Social Charge, the pay cuts, the VAT increases – we do  have the power to not pay, to not cooperate with it and to organise against it.

Clare Daly TD (Socialist Party/United Left Alliance):

Incredible intimidation accompanies this legislation with draconian Class C fines for not registering and interest for non-payment. This contrasts markedly with the light-touch treatment of the wealthy corrupt who have brought this economy to ruin. It also demonstrates clearly that this is not simply about a €100 charge, but will become a significant new tax. The Campaign calls on communities throughout the length and breadth of Ireland to establish non-payment campaigns in every town. Collective solidarity can defeat this charge. 1.6 million people simply cannot be summonsed to court for not registering.  A mass campaign of civil disobedience could force the government to retreat and to instead tax the super-wealthy.

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