Video of police repression of Spanish Protestors

Disgracefully, Spanish riot police have attacked the protest camps organised in Barcelona under the guise of “cleaning” up the square. Some footage below and news is filtering in across news websites.

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Repression Overcome in Barcelona

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Syria: No trust in Arab League and imperialist powers

The Syrian regime has dramatically stepped up its savage military onslaught on civilians in Homs and other areas. Recent days have seen the worst upsurge in bloody repression since the start of the uprising last March. Reports indicate that local communities in towns and city suburbs have been shelled indiscriminately, with hundreds of people massacred in Homs. A number of areas have been under military siege, with accompanying cuts in power, water and other supplies.

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Palestine: ElJidar Lazem Inhar – “The Wall Must Fall!”

CWI members participate in West Bank protest against "Separation Wall"
One thousand people demonstrated on Friday 19 February, in the Palestinian village Bil`in, in the occupied West Bank, marking 5 years of persistent struggle and weekly demonstrations by the village against the Israeli Separation Fence, which annexes 50% of their land (about 2 square kilometres) for the benefit of the adjacent large ultra-orthodox settlement, Modi`in-`ilit.