Local ULA meetings in May and June

The alternative to Bank Bailouts and Cutbacks

The alternative to Bank Bailouts and Cutbacks


8pm Wednesday 11 May, Civic Centre Ballyfermot

Speakers: Joan Collins TD, Cllr Brid Smith, Paul Murphy MEP



8pm Tuesday 17 May, Westcourt Hotel

Speakers: Cllr Frank Gallagher, Joe Higgins TD, Eddie Conlon



8pm Thursday 19 May, Parish Hall Portlaoise

Speakers: Ray Fitzpatrick, Clare Daly TD, Eddie Conlon



8.30pm Thursday 19 May, Gorey Little Theatre

Speakers: Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Cllr Matt Waine, Seamus O’Brien


Dublin North East

Tuesday 24 May, Venue TBC

Speakers: Brian Greene, Clare Dlay TD, Cllr Hugh Lewis


Dublin North West

8pm Wednesday 25 May, Axis Centre Ballymun

Speakers: Andy Keegan, Paul Murphy MEP, Cllr Brid Smith


Dublin South East

8pm Thursday 26 May, Travelodge Hotel Rathmines

Speakers: Cllr Brid Smith, Annette Mooney, Paul Murphy MEP



8pm Thursday 26 May, Jack Bailey’s Bar upstairs

Speakers: Seamus O’Brien, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Michael O’Brien


Dublin North City

8pm Monday 30 May, Teachers Club Parnell Square

Speakers: Paul Murphy MEP, Joan Collins TD, Colm Stephens



Saturday 4 June, Venue TBC

Speakers: Joe Higgins TD, Kieran Allen



4pm Saturday 4 June, Grand Hotel Tralee

Speakers: Joe Higgins TD, Kieran Allen



8pm Thursday 9 June, Granville Hotel Waterford

Speakers: Joe Higgins TD, Richard Boyd Barrett TD



Thursday 9 June, Venue TBC

Speakers: Cllr Matt Waine, Cllr Brid Smith

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