Limerick Socialist Election Campaign Gathers Momentum

The Socialist Party & United Left Alliance election campaign has been gathering momentum in Limerick in the last weeks, with a very successful launch rally, and important endorsements.

The Socialist Party & United Left Alliance election campaign has been gathering momentum in Limerick in the last weeks, with a very successful launch rally, and important endorsements.

Over 120 people crammed into the hall in the Absolute Hotel for the launch rally on February 1st of the Socialist Party & ULA election candidate, Cian Prendiville.

The campaign also received a big boost when former independent socialist Limerick City Councillor and Mayor, Joe Harrington, announced that he will join the campaign and encourage people to vote for Cian. Joe was a strong community campaigner, and was central to the non-payment campaign that defeated water charges in Limerick.  In a statement he said “Labour, after its astonishing complicity in getting the Finance Bill through, must not further betray socialist principals by joining Fine Gael in a new government to push through austerity programmes. That would be a further disaster for working class people.  A vote for Cian, Joe Higgins and the other ULA candidates around the country will provide a strong alternative to this disastrous approach.”

“The ULA is part of the development of movements and organisations across Europe and internationally which fight the attacks on workers, the unemployed and the poor and to fight for a new vision for society.  Since the days of the Limerick Soviet, Limerick workers have a proud history of independent action on their own behalf. It would be a shame to now lie down under the worst attacks on our living standards and rights.  I believe working people should now vote for Cian Prendiville and set about building the movement to take back what is ours. “

And now in the last days the campaign has got another boost with the endorsement of former Green Party Candidate for Limerick East, Tim Hourigan. After its performance in government, the Green Party stands on the verge of electoral meltdown, and struggled to get a candidate for Limerick City. Mr. Hourigan won over 1,000 votes for the Greens in 2002, but left the Green Party after their decision to go into coalition with Fianna Fail and in this election is backing Cian Prendiville of the Socialist Party.

“I agreed with a lot of Green policies, but I realised that, unfortunately they lacked the courage to fight for their principles, and watched as they were eroded one by one in the horse-trading that passes for national politics”.

According to Cian Prendiville:  “Thousands of people like Tim, feel deeply disillusioned with the Green Party who dispelled any idea that they represented a radical alternative through their 4 years of supporting the big business policies of Fianna Fail. Tim’s support for our campaign shows the gathering momentum behind the United Left Alliance, who are strongly challenging for 7 or 8 seats. The response in Limerick on the doors, and with these endorsements, shows that we could inflict a serious shock to the entire political establishment.

The campaign has also seen a whole number of people joining the Socialist Party to continue the struggle beyond the election, and fight against the establishment and for real socialist change.

To get involved in the campaign, the United Left Allianc or indded join the Socialist Party, contact Cian Prendiville on 0868064801 or email or for more info check out


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