Joe Higgins in fight for Euro seat!

Joe Higgins, Socialist Party candidate in the Dublin European Elections constituency is fighting to win the last seat. Whereas support for Joe Higgins is increasing support for his nearest rivals for the seat Fianna Fail’s Eoin Ryan and Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald is falling. Polls have made it clear that Proinsias de Rossa and Gay Mitchel are safe and for voters who want to punish Fianna Fail and replace Eoin Ryan the government’s candidate with a proven fighter who will defend ordinary working people and the unemployed then the choice is obvious – vote No.1 Joe Higgins. Go to for up to date reports and articles.

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New mass party for working class needed

By Paul Murphy

“IRELAND NEEDS a new political party; one that reflects the sweeping reassessments that have taken place in the past six months, ever since the old order started to disintegrate…. One popular, coherent movement is what is required.”

Justine McCarthy, writing in the Sunday Tribune (3 May), expressed an essential truth that the Socialist Party believes about the political situation in Ireland – there is a desperate need for a new mass party to represent working class people.