Littlepace says ‘No’ to N3 noise

The campaign for a solid wall or other noise-reducing measures along the N3 continues to be waged by  Littlepace.

The campaign for a solid wall or other noise-reducing measures along the N3 continues to be waged by 


Residents of Swallowbrook, Bramblefield, Hunter’s and Pheasant’s Run who live beside the dual carriageway suffer intolerable noise and the constant threat of road accidents breaching the flimsy rail that separates them from the road.

Most recently, residents made submissions to a Noise Action Plan being conducted by Fingal and other Councils, under EU directive. The Socialist Party also made a submission to this Plan. However, this Plan cannot be used to distract the campaign as has no provision for funding. Socialist Party Councillor, Ruth Coppinger, has demanded the Council and the National Roads Authority take responsibility and jointly fund noise abatement and safety measures for residents. We will meet again with residents to discuss the next steps in the campaign.

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