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AS THE advert says, “Do you remember the Celtic Tiger?” – well it’s long gone and working class people are being hammered by the Celtic recession. Now is the time to get organised to fight back. The trade union leaders have again, been found wanting. They allowed the imposition of the pensions levy, the income levies and massive attacks on our public services. As a direct result of these attacks thousands of workers are being made redundant in the public sector. The average family has lost thousands of euro and the trade unions have done nothing. They have sat on their hands while tens of thousands of workers have been thrown onto the dole.

Why I joined.

Colum Maher, 30 from Dublin South West, explains why he joined the Socialist Party.

“I’m looking at the current political system in Ireland and I can see it’s very flawed. Basically it rewards the rich and punishes the people it should be rewarding.

I was made unemployed at the start of March. Because of my experience, I’ve seen a big company taking advantage of their staff that were willing to work for them. When someone in another department decided to leave the company, instead of getting a replacement, they just dumped it onto other people.

I just feel that it’s time for some kind of political change in this country. For me it’s unacceptable, we consider ourselves a developed country, and yet we can’t even provide people here with their basic needs”.

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