Joe Higgins: Why I’m Standing for Euro Election

THE REASON I am standing in the Euro Elections in Dublin is to give the people of the capital city the possibility of a clear socialist alternative to all the establishment political parties. There is no doubt that the current economic catastrophe will be foremost in the minds of people as they vote on 5 June in both the Local and Euro elections. They will want to punish Fianna Fail for its’ pro-speculation policies that engineered the huge property bubble that has inevitably burst with horrific consequences. They will also want to hit back at both Fianna Fail and the Green Party for their current policies of making working people pay for this crisis while bailing out the banks and the speculators.

 David Doyle: “I’m supporting Joe because of his track record of supporting working class people and causes affecting them. I’ve always considered him to be a man of integrity who stands up for what he believes in and “walks the walk”. He has remained steadfast and true to the Socialist ideal (even when castigated and derided for doing so) and is now the sole candidate who is actively offering a strong and viable alternative to the current obsolete model.”

Dermot Byrne: “Yeah I’m going to vote Joe Higgins. He has been saying

for years that the fat cats who run this country would eventually get us into a mess. Joe was great voice in the Dail the last time, and the only one who stood up to the main parties who are always friends with the rich”.

Eleanor Fitzgerald: “Joe is a fearless defender of the interests of working men and women”. 

Larry Buggy: “As a former trade union official, I am supporting Joe Higgins because he is the only workers voice in this election”. 

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