Child Benefit Cuts

5 May 2009

Socialist Party councillor Mick Barry responded to today’s IRISH INDEPENDENT story on child benefit cuts by saying: “Child benefit should not be means-tested, should not be taxed and should not be cut”.

He said that a 10 percent flat rate cut in the benefit would hit a low-income family with three children to the tune of 55 euro per month.

He added: “This news is a real bodyblow for families, including low-income families who are struggling to survive. If they do not fall in the meantime I suspect that this is an issue which could bring the Government down if they try to proceed with it in next December’s Budget.”

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Speaking at a press conference convened this morning in response to the Budget, Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins said: "The draconian proposals for the attempted implementation of the new Property Tax have the stamp of a Troika dictat and verge on a financial dictatorship attacking low and middle income households. The proposal is a grotesque abuse of Revenue powers to try cow home owners but there will be massive anger, discontent and active resistance.

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A significant 2/1 majority, on a higher turnout, passed the Lisbon Treaty overturning the decision of June 2008. It is clear that the economic crisis served to shift opinion across the board to a yes vote because people felt that passing the Treaty might boost Ireland’s prospects for economic recovery.