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The Socialist Party in Ireland belongs to International Socialist Alternative – a global organisation of workers, young people and all those oppressed by capitalism and imperialism. We are building a world party that fights for a working-class alternative across national borders, for a socialist world.

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ISA stands for all possible democratic, social and economic reforms that can be achieved within the capitalist system. But, we believe that the struggle for any such reforms must be linked up to the struggle for a genuine system change. There can be no ‘humane’ and truly democratic capitalism.

ISA and its national sections are part of the broad movement of the working class and the oppressed internationally. In particular, we stand for the building of internationalist working-class solidarity and struggle in each country and internationally. The only way to ensure a successful struggle for a socialist alternative requires the working class and the oppressed to be well-organised and armed with a socialist programme.

From the US to Brazil, from South Africa to Tunisia and Sudan, from China and Hong Kong to Australia, from Turkey to Israel-Palestine… The ISA’s national sections and supporters are involved in the struggles of working people, youth and the oppressed in workplaces, communities and campuses. We get involved, discuss and put forward initiatives and ideas to help win victories, build up movements and fight for a socialist alternative.