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Minimum pay rates under threat

The government and the employers are intensifying their assault on wages and working conditions. Following the same blueprint that they used to attack public sector pay last year, of vilifying anyone with a semblance of job security, the already measly minimum wage is now in their line of fire.

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Unions must black Green Isle products

Given that an ICTU all out picket has been obtained, I call on MANDATE and SIPTU who organise workers in the retail and distribution sectors to instruct their members to black Green Isle goods so that they do not even reach the supermarket shelves.

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Halifax Axe 750 Jobs – Fightback Needed

Halifax informed 750 workers over a conference call that they will be joining the dole queues. Profit and self-preservation come at all costs for the senior bankers even at the cost of jobs and services. Halifax came to Ireland to make profits. Now the bubble is burst they are viciously axing jobs and services.