Christmas Raffle 2022

Draw to take place on 9pm, Saturday, 17 December, at 141 Thomas St, Dublin 8, and live on Facebook: SocialistPartyIreland

The Socialist Party, along with our public reps with Mick Barry TD and Ruth Coppinger is organising to oppose the profiteers that are fueling the cost of living crisis. We are building a socialist alternative to this rotten system based on inequality and oppression.

Please fund our work. A €10 raffle ticket provides vital support for us and a chance for a cash prize for you – just in time for Christmas!

Thank you for supporting the Socialist Party! Good luck in the draw!

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Greece day 2: Syriza – Preparing for power?

Day two of my visit began with a press conference of international guests to support Syriza. Political representatives from the Left Bloc in Portugal, Izquierda Unida in Spain, a left group in Argentina, the ambassador from Venezuela to Greece and a member of Occupy Wall Street addressed the press together with myself and members of Syriza. The emphasis of all of the speeches were on the centrality of the struggle in Greece for working people all across Europe and the impact that a Syriza victory could have.

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Trade unions must fight the property tax

Trade unions have to take a stand against the property tax. This is an austerity tax being brought in for no other reason than to fund the ongoing bailout of bondholders . It will tip thousands of families into poverty. How can the unions, as representative organisations for workers, stay silent about that?