Christmas Raffle 2022

Draw to take place on 9pm, Saturday, 17 December, at 141 Thomas St, Dublin 8, and live on Facebook: SocialistPartyIreland

The Socialist Party, along with our public reps with Mick Barry TD and Ruth Coppinger is organising to oppose the profiteers that are fueling the cost of living crisis. We are building a socialist alternative to this rotten system based on inequality and oppression.

Please fund our work. A €10 raffle ticket provides vital support for us and a chance for a cash prize for you – just in time for Christmas!

Thank you for supporting the Socialist Party! Good luck in the draw!

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The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, written 75 years ago, is one of the most celebrated books of the twentieth century, and with great reason. It details the harrowing struggle for survival in a period of depression and scarcity in 1930's US.

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Youth protesters’ ‘Tahrir Square’ occupation

After a tremendous demonstration against cuts last Saturday, 14 May, in Barcelona, with 250,000 participants, this week saw the development of the “May 15 movement”. Unemployed and students took to the streets. Inspired by the demonstrations in Portugal and the revolutions in the Maghreb and Middle East, especially Egypt, young people occupied Puerta del Sol, one of the main squares of Madrid. Police repeatedly tried to break up the protest but the youth defended their “Tahir Square”.

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What the bank bailout money could buy

“The cheapest bank bail-out in the world”, Brian Lenihan arrogantly announced two years ago when the banks were guaranteed. The government have announced that the final figure for the bailout of Anglo and Irish Nationwide bail-out could reach €34.7 billion.