Christmas Raffle 2022

Draw to take place on 9pm, Saturday, 17 December, at 141 Thomas St, Dublin 8, and live on Facebook: SocialistPartyIreland

The Socialist Party, along with our public reps with Mick Barry TD and Ruth Coppinger is organising to oppose the profiteers that are fueling the cost of living crisis. We are building a socialist alternative to this rotten system based on inequality and oppression.

Please fund our work. A €10 raffle ticket provides vital support for us and a chance for a cash prize for you – just in time for Christmas!

Thank you for supporting the Socialist Party! Good luck in the draw!

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How to build the campaign – get involved now

Josephine Freehily launched the Revenue Commissioners campaign on the Property Tax by announcing, “you cannot hide from Revenue.” The Campaign Against Home & Water Taxes will not be hiding anywhere – we will be launching a massive campaign of opposition to this hated tax over the next three months.

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One parent family cuts

MARY HANAFIN, the Minster for Social and Family Affairs, has raised a proposal to attack the One Parent Family Payment (OFP). She is arguing for a change in the allowance that’s paid to lone parents by stopping the payment once a child reaches thirteen.